Author Feature – Eugene Lloyd MacRae

An old German cigarette tin from WW 2 is found on the banks of a Canadian river by a young boy using a metal detector. A delightful story turns deadly as the boy and his mother are soon found floating face down in Lake Erie. The mother’s sister hires private investigator Rory Mack Steele to investigate and she disappears mysteriously, leaving Steele to battle alone against an evil force from the shadows of the past. A force looking for a secret code to unlock massive hidden wealth and deadly power that will plunge the world back into an era when the flames of war raged across the face of the globe and untold millions lost their lives.

Where did the idea for the story come from?

My ideas come from a variety of sources. In this case it came from an image I saw. It was a figure running and the idea just popped into my head.

How much do you outline?

I don’t outline at all. I tried that in the past and it was a total disaster for me. I simply sit down and start. Sometimes I have an idea, sometimes I simply put a character in a situation and I write from there. Dean Wesley Smith calls it “writing into the dark” and I enjoy finding out what happens next just like a reader does.

Doesn’t that put pressure on you, wondering what comes next?

No. I try to just have fun with it. Once I retired from my regular day job I decided to only enjoy myself LOL.

So do you write in chronological order then?

Well I start at the beginning but it can go anywhere from there. Sometimes my creative brain will add something in that doesn’t make sense but it becomes clear later on and I may go back to refine things. And there are times when I also go back and add in clues or pieces of information such as foreshadowing. Only the reader has to go from start to finish, not the author.

What kind of research did you do for this book?

I had a lot of the information in my head already but I did go through and research the WW 2 information to make it as accurate as possible. Some things are obviously stretched to fit in the story but the actual research on old German cigarette tins led to the title of the book since Overstolz was a tobacco brand at the time and the cigarette tin box I describe in the story is real.

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